Tristan Jones

I owe really great appreciation for the confidence and support Tristan Jones gave me. He is the first professional golf photographer, who allowed me to use his beautiful photographs as the basis for my GolfArt. It is a great honour for me.

As official LET photographer, he has a really impressive collection of great photos. What has me especially excited about Tristan photographs is a fact that lady golfers look so graceful and elegant.

After a while, I must say that we are not only partners in my GolfArt creation, we become good friends. Tristan is not only great professional photographer, he is so great person and his support mean a lot to me.

Recommend to visit Tristan Jones official website and to enjoy in his wonderful photos.

Frank Föhlinger

I have great pleasure to announce my cooperation with Frank Föhlinger, one of the best professional golf photographer that I met. Frank provide me such a amazing golf photos for my GolfArt.

After a while, Frank did not only my great partner, he become my great friend.

What I like most is a fact that Frank create such a unique photos, with  exquisite artistic impression. For me, this cooperation represents a great recognition and honour. I sincerely hope and will give my best, to make this a one long-time cooperation with our mutual satisfaction.

Recommend to visit Frank Föhlinger official website and to enjoy in his wonderful photos.

Joe Velotta


Joe Velotta is one of those great people from golf, and in same time he have great collection of fantastic golf photos. Joe Velotta work in famous TMC USA company – who is publisher of great “Kingdom” and “Women’s Golf Journal” magazines (great Arnold Palmer company).

I have that privilege, to have great support from Joe, and he send me some absolutely great golf photos. Thanks to him, I create some of my beautiful GolfArt. Hope that will continue to sooperate with Joe, and maybe one day will have that honour to make some GolfArt dedicated to KING – Mr. Arnold Palmer.

Recommend to visit Tristan Jones official website and to enjoy in his wonderful photos.

BritishDotCom ltd


BritishDotCom ltd is responsible for promotion and marketing of my Golf Art. Thanks to this great company, my first Golf Art Book (GREATEST GOLF LEGENDS & WINNERS OF THE OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP) is published and available on Blurb and Amazon. Also, great support from this company allow me to be completely relaxed and dedicated only to my Golf Art and creative work. Finally, BritishDotCom ltd is responsible for maintenance and promotion of my official website.

About BritishDotCom ltd

BritishDotCom Ltd is a company created for the intended purpose of offering services via the Internet such as online bookings and online payment systems as well as developing specific and original web based systems. 2012 we start with a new business – Digital and Printed Publishing & Distribution, and we strongly believe that this part of business can be our shiny future. We are glad that we make some contracts with best Authors and amazing Publishers.


Like UK based company, BritishDotCom is partner with some of the world leading companies (like Google, Apple, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, etc). With a great pleasure, BritishDotCom company can announce sponsorship with one of the best Golf Artist on the planet: Olivera Cejovic. We are sure, that this will be long-term cooperation, and we will give our best, to fulfill all highest Olivera expectations. She deserve EVERYTHING best … in her personal and professional life. Love you Olivera!

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dBO Advertising Agency


dBO Advertising Agency is responsible for my personal promotion, for my social network, public relation and other important promo-activities. It is great pleasure for me that this company work for me, because I am one of the founders and partial owner of this great Agency. Today, my husband lead dBO Advertising Agency, and he is only person that know me so good and can represent me, my art and my soul on best possible way.

About dBO Advertising Agency

In 1997 as students of 2nd year of Art Academy at Cetinje, Branko BanjO Cejovic and Olivera Cejovic (ex – Markovic) founded the first design studio in Montenegro by the name – design BanjO. They participated by ProMonte GSM – Podgorica for idea solution of poster. Their solution became interesting for ProMonte (today Telenor company) who offered professional cooperation for graphic design. There started their professional career.

Soon there were other offers that expanded to the field of web design, video production etc. In this late 1997 design BanjO has only one PC and a printer. As any beginning the start was hard and followed by many problems.

But the first real result of their hardworking comes in 2000 as a prestigious International prize. At the contest where participated over 3,000 designers from all over the world, design BanjO receives 3rd place and bronze medal. Ever since are awarded with most precious international prizes for graphic and web design. By this turn attention to themselves of successful companies that more and more engage them for promotion and advertising.

Considering constant growth of clients, widening of works and services Branko and Olivera decided that design BanjO become Advertising Agency that will offer to its clients a chain of services and primarily offer full services to interested clients.

During 2002 they established dBO advertising Agency (dBO is abbreviation of design BanjO) first full service Agency in Montenegro. From that moment, dBO Agency worked for all major foreign companies in Montenegro, and make huge impact to modern Advertising & Marketing approach in Montenegro. Everything else is … legend 😉

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